Yusuf Mehrauly

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while he was a student only, he started the Young India Society in the year 1925 and organised the Youth Conference in Bombay in the year 1928 which established the Bombay Provincial Youth League an important youth organisation. He was a leader of the labour movement in Bombay, Indian youth movement and a revolutionary freedom fighter. He took a leadership role during the Civil Disobedience Movement and the Salt Satyagrah movement. In the year 1934 he was charged with conspiracy to over throw the British government and awarded two year imprisonment at the Nasik Jail. While in the jail, he along with his other colleagues like Ashok Mehta, Kamala Devi Chatopadhaya and others founded the Congress Socialist Party. In the year 1941 he was again jailed for one year at the Lahore Jail and from there he fought the Bombay Municipal Corporation elections, which he won and was elected as the Mayor of the city. He was the won who gave the slogan 'Quit India' later popularised by M K Gandhi. He died in the year 1950 at the young age of 46. He was also popular for organizing the clerk and shop-assistants into a trade union-The Gumastas Mandal amd as a result of which the British Government had to enact the 'Gumasta regulations'.