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Jump to: navigation, search is a collaborative, wiki type, subjective encyclopedia of Bombay/Mumbai.

Writing Style

  • This wiki encourages subjective and opinionated writing in its pages.
  • Sources can vary from personal experience, oral sources, books to newspapers, etc. but it is NOT necessary to reference every fact or claim. Bombaywiki is interested in ideas that grow around things, places, people. Authors' particular voices are encouraged, and are credited in the History of each page/ entry. Textual sources if any can be placed in the bottom of a page, under the heading Further Reading. An example is: Anna_Bhau_Sathe#Further_Reading:.
  • First person accounts are encouraged, and should be placed in <block quotes> eg. Mohammad_Umar.
  • Linking to external sites in the text should be done only when absolutely necessary for context, for example to link to the full text of a poem. Place other links and sources in Further Reading. Other pages in the wiki should be linked to where needed. For how-to, see the Adding Links section below.

The Index

is the Main Page of the wiki. It has groups of entities (People, Places, Organizations, Events, Things, Concepts, Interpretations etc), each alphabetically sorted.

  • Red links - there is no page yet, page is created by clicking on the red link, to then be populated.
  • Blue links - links to pages already populated, open to editing.

To Begin Contributing

  • Register on On top-right, click "Guest" -> "Create Account"
  • Send us an email to grant you edit access, and mention your username. Email to:
  • Entries are to be added alphabetically per section on the main page, which serves as an index/overview of the site. Click the edit button in front of each section to begin.
    • Each entry on this page is a link to a page of that name.
  • Creating a new entry in index
    • To create a new entry called "Carrom" in section Things, click "Edit" next to the title of Things section, scroll to appropriate alphabetical position.
    • Create a new line, type as below then 'Save':
  • This creates a link, and a line break after it. Click on the link, you will see this message:
"You have followed a link to a page that does not exist yet. To create the page, start typing in the box below (see the help page for more info). If you are here by mistake, click your browser's back button."
  • You can now add text, add links and embed image/audio/video files. Once complete, "Save Changes".
  • You may use "Show Preview" to see what the page looks like without saving it. Save when satisfied.

Helpful Tips

on how to format text, add links, embed images/audio/video files:

Formatting text

You can format your text by using wiki "markup" that is use of symbols to create variations in text style.

what you type text enclosed in to see
'''bold''' 3 single quotes bold
''italic'' 2 single quotes italic
  • Creating headings within a page

Headings can be of levels 2-6 (most practically 3-6), created by enclosing text in "=" on a new line ,as per heading level.
Do not put any text on the same line after the ending equal signs.
An article with 4 or more headings automatically creates a table of contents.

=== Heading Level 3 ===
==== Heading Level 4 ====
===== Heading Level 5 =====
  • Paragraphs

MediaWiki ignores single line breaks. To start a new paragraph, leave an empty line.
You can force a line break within a paragraph with the HTML tag <br>

  • Start a line with a space to create a "box" in which your text will appear.
This is pre-formatted text which appears in a "box".
Adding links

Internal link basic format:


External link basic format:

[[url text-displayed]]
  • Some examples:
what you type to see link type
link to external site, no link-text
Multiple links of this type on
the same page are numbered sequentially.
[ video archive] video archive link to external site, link-text "video archive"
[[Anna Bhau Sathe]] Anna Bhau Sathe internal link within bombaywiki
[[Anna_Bhau_Sathe#SHORT_STORIES|Anna's short stories]] Anna's short stories internal link to specific section, hyperlink
Uploading files
  • Files (png, gif, jpg, jpeg, webp, pdf, webm, mp4, mp3) can be uploaded, to embed or link-to as required on pages.
  • Filename should be complete and informative.
    For example: Books should have author, title, publication year in the title)
  • Documents (PDF) and images should be uploaded at their original resolution. You can resize them for viewing later.
  • Maximum file size is 64MB.
  • To upload click "Upload File" button, top-left on bombaywiki.
  • Add a summary or description or tags in the "Summary" section of the upload file form.
    Click "Upload File" button at bottom of the page.
  • To find and use uploaded files see these links in bombaywiki left-panel:
    • All Files
      - list of all files uploaded to the wiki in a tabular format with title, metadata, description visible
      - can be sorted by any field by clicking on field heading.
    • Recent Files
      - list of recently uploaded files, title with thumbnail.
    • Note: click on a file in the list takes you to the file description page.
  • More help:
Using files
Embedding video from external sites