Vasai-Virar Lakes

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Vasai-Virar sub-region(VVSR) is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region(MMR). The region is geographically located on an estuary of the Ulhas river to the south and the Vaitarna river to the north, which makes it an extensive ecosystem of it’s own. It also lies in a heavy rainfall zone. The region is peppered with innumerable lakes that contain sweet water, mainly used for agriculture. Vasai-Virar had been a major port in the erstwhile times due to it’s proximity to sea and was a thriving metropolis (the port of Sopara or Shoorparak bandar). This port formed the most important trade route port for international trade connections with Arabia, Europe and Phoenicia. The lakes were therefore artificially created in order to suffice the water supply requirement of the city. However, from time to time, these lakes went dormant and were revitalised, the most recently being somewhere around the 16th century. Over these years, these lakes have developed ecologies around them facilitating life around them by providing a number of ecosystems services to the people living in the vicinity. However in the recent years, this region being in very close proximity to a metropolis like Mumbai, has been subjected to a tremendous influx of urban growth (73% decadal growth according to the 2001-2011 census data). As a result, it still serves as a satellite town to Mumbai straining it to undergo a massive transformation with more and more RCC buildings popping up within the new landscape of VVSR. It is therefore important to establish a relationship between this new landscape and the ancient ecosystems prevailing in this region.