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Tboo line is invented by the market people of Mumbai. It is used by hawkers,drug peddlers and also college students. The meaning of Tboo Line = Tboo stands for opposite and Line stands for Money and Language. Now a days this language is getting very famous among the kids of every locality. This is the very helpful language for the rahiwasi of mumbai to survive in slums and to interact with each other.

Eg. Yeh mera Gabba (Ghar) hai.
Raagi (customer) ko sappan (Pasand) aya kya locor (colour) .

Money Pronunciation in TBOO Line.
Rs 50 =   (Aadhi gaj)
Rs 100 =  (Gaj bhar)
Rs 150 =  (Chey line)
Rs 200 =  (Aat Line)
Rs 250 =  (Dus line)
Rs 300 =  (Baaro line)
Rs 350 =  (Saade Baaro Line)
Rs 400 =  (Solo Line)
Rs 450 =  (Saade Solo)
Rs 500 =  (Bees Line)
Rs 600 =  (Chaubis Line)
Rs 700 =  (Attawis Line)
Rs 800 =  (Battis Line)
Rs 900 =  (Chattis Line)
Rs 1000=  (Double Bis Or Ek Thaan)