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Sukhdev Singh Sandhu, popularly known as Sukhdev S was a maverick film maker who during a span of two decades as a film maker made over 60 films mostly with support from Films Division. He also directed a feature film in the year 1970 titled My Love starring Shashi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore. He was born in Dehradun and did his schooling and education in Bombay and started his film practise as an assistant to German film-maker Paul Zils. He made hi directorial debut with a film on handmade paper industry (Wazir the Kagzi) that was produced by Zils. When Zils left India, he set up own company, United Film Arts in the year 1958.

His most of the films addressed the topical issues like A Few More Questions (on the railway strike), After the Silence (on bonded labour), Ma ki Pukar (on the issue of use of violence for social change), The Saint and the peasant (on Vinobha Bhave and the bhoodan movement), Behind the Bread Line (a critical film on public distribution system) Nine Months to Freedom (on Bangladesh liberation movement), India 67 (negotiation between tradition and modernity in India) are few such examples of his films.

For more, see Sukdhev's biography by Jag Mohan, published by the NFAI.