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Naezy is a rapper originally from Kurla West, Bombay. His first musical collaboration was with NCube from Dharavi, together they were called the Schizophrenics.

Paydaaish hui hai 1993 me meri
Born in 1993
Hui parvarish meri chaali me
Brought up in a chawl
Rambacchan chawl, chawl number paanch
Kholi no 24, Bombay 70
Kattar chaubis Abba mere
My father staunch Deobandi
Ammi Qattar Sunni
Mother staunch Sunni
Phuppi B.A, D.Ed, B.Ed
Aunt BA, Dead
Daada Daadi bhi hai M.A B.Ed, D.Ed
Grandpa Grandma also B.Ed Dead

From Naezy single Bombay 70, made for the short film of the same name [1]

Chori toh chori upar se seena zori muh par jhooti choli hai!
Stealing for one, then showing off about it!
Ye raakshaso ki toli hai
A fake garb on their face, this group of demons
Yeh kis prakaar ki basti hai
What sort of dwelling is this?
Ab mujhko aap boliye
You tell me
Apni aankh kho liye
Open your eyes
Maine toh bas bad bad kardi
I've blabbered it out
Kuch toh aap sochiye
But you think about it a little bit
Oh desh ke nawjawan!
O youth of our country!
Ab kuch toh aap boliye
Say something now
Apne vichaar kholiye!
Open your minds
Sarkaari nizaam bhot hi dheet hai (chor hai saale)
The rulers of this regime are very stubborn (they are crooks, these bastards)
Tarkari k daam me bhi cheating
Cheating even for the price of vegetables
Awaaz uthaana padega, kyu? kyu...
We will have to raise our voice, why? because...
Haq ki ladai zaroori hai. (Ahelan hai)!
because to fight for our rights is essential (it's a call!)

- From Haq Hai! [2]