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or Bombay Municipal Kamgar Sangh was formed by Ambedkar in the year 1934 and later on run by George Fernandes.

His views on trade unionism and role of workers were different from the Left party run trade unions. In his speech at the G.I.P. Railway Depressed Class Workmen’s Conference, Manmad, Distt. Nashik, 12th and 13th February 1938 he expressed that:

"There are in my view two enemies which the workers of this country have to deal with. The two enemies are Brahmanism and Capitalism. The accusation of our critics arises partly because the critics fail to reckon Brahmanism as an enemy which the workers have to deal with".

"...The third class of labour leaders is composed principally of the Communists. They may be well meaning but I have no hesitation is saying that they are misguided body of men and I go further and say that nobody has brought a greater ruination on the workers than these men. If to-day the back of workers is completely broken, if to-day the masters have the upper hand, if to-day unionism is an athema it is entirely due to the misuse of power which the Communists had at one time secured over the trade unions. Their aim seems to bring about discontent among the workers as though there was any absence of it, because they believe that with a discontent body of workers they will bring about a revolution and establish the rule of the proletariat".