Mill Lands

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Mill Lands refers to the lands that were allotted by city authorities at different points of times for the purpose of running of the cotton textiles. Many of these lands were owned by the Mill Owners but in few cases the land was owned by public authorities and was leased to mill owners for the specific purpose of running the cotton mills. Part of the mills were privately managed but quite a few had bee nationalised in the past and thus were under the management of National Textile Corporation (NTC) which was set up in the year 1974 with the objective of nationalising Mills. The total land under NTC Mills was 108 Hectares, under Private Mills 126 Hectares.

The owners of Private Mill owners over period of time, even before the rules and regulations for the re-development of Mill Lands could be finalised and made operations; parcelled out chinks of lands surreptitiously.