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Village Manbudruk is situated in the north eastern part of the city next to the Trombay Hill, adjacent to the much better known Mankhurd village. 'Budruk' is of Persian origin and means-greater, while 'Khurd' means small. In the year 1948 'The Squatters Scheme' was devised to rehabilitate 75,000 pavement and slum dwellers from the island city to the northern areas. At that time Morarji Desai the CM, and S K Patil (Mayor) had the idea of transforming Bombay on the lines of Paris. Thus two sites were selected as "Poor Man's Colony"- Manbudruk and Majas.

As a step towards this during the month of May and June 1949, a Survey was conducted by TISS (scan pending) for the BMC which surveyed 9,200 families covering 38,000 people. A June 1951 TOI reports says that this survey was the basis of the setting up of the squatters colony. According to the Survey, 60% of squatters lived between Worli and Sion-Mahim area.

A total of about 50 acres of land at Manbudruk was acquired from the family of AJ Patel and his wife(name not in records) who owned about 190 acres of land around which they had purchased in the year 1944 for Rs 1,30,000.

Manbudruk LA Notification for Janta Colony.pdf

In December 1951 1700 families were evicted from Sion and many others at King Circle and other parts of the city like Carnac Bunder, Wadala, Mahim, Wadi Bundar, Sion, Mahim, Raoli Camp and were shifted to the Squatters Colony, Manbudruk. They were given plots measuring 300 sq.ft at the rent of Rs 2 and fifty paise. Although people resisted this shifting but were not successful in opposing it fully. Later in late 1950s the Department of Atomic Energy started vying for the same land for setting up of staff quarters for their employees and by late 1960s eviction notices were served to the present residents. Finally in the year 1976, May around 70,000 people were once again shifted from Janata Colony, Manbudruk to the present site what is known as Cheeta Camp. Manbudruk presently houses the staff quarters of BARC.