Mahim Fort

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Mahim Fort was built by Maharaja Pratapbimb of Rajput dynasty. This was their minor victory of expanding towards the south by its army chiefs. In the year 1140 AD, the fort was built to safe guard its sea front. This was the capital for centuries until the Portugal took over this fort for trading purpose. This fort became a major check point in Mumbai and gained better trade in these region. In 1516, Portuguese commander Dom Joao de Monoy entered the Mahim Creek and defeated the commander of the fortifications and it remained under Portuguese control until 1661 when the Portuguese ceded the island of Mahim as dowry to Charles II of England. After the English gained control of the fort, it became a strategic watchtower against possible Portuguese attacks, and later from the Marathas. In 1684, Sir Thomas Grantham strengthened the fort further because of which they were able to successfully repel the Portuguese attack in 1772. The fort lies off the Mahim Causeway which links the suburbs to the city.