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Krishna Desai was a member of the Communist Party of India, a trade union leader and a MLA from Parel. On 5th June 1970 he was murdered by a group of youth who were members of Shiv Sena. He began his career as a mill worker at the Finlay Textile Mill and took active part in the Quit India Movement in the year 1942 as well as the Naval Mutiny of 1946. In the year 1947 he joined the Revolutionary Communist Party of India and participated in the Samyukat Maharashtra Movement. In the year 1949 he was jailed for 18 months for leading a strike at Morarji Mills. Due to his activism and popularity he won the Municipal Corporation elections and became a corporator in the year 1952. Later in the year 1962 he switched over to the Communist Party of India and stood for the MLA elections from Parel in the year 1967 and won. On the night of 5th June, Dilip Hate Narayan Shedge Ashok Kulkarni Vishwnath Khatake, Prakash Nimbalkar, Tukaram Venguelekar and Rajendra Gaonkar attacked Krishna Desai and his colleague Prakash Patkar and stabbed them with a knife. They all were held guilty and sentenced for life imprisonment. Advocate Ram Jethmalani had represented the guilty in the court.