Khursheed Framji Nariman

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Khurshed Framji Nariman was the president of the Bombay Provincial Congress Committee and was the fifth Mayor of Bombay (1935-36). He was born on May 17, 1883 in Thana in a middle class Parsi family. After graduation Nariman took his LL, B. Degree and started his practice as a criminal lawyer. Alter 11 years of legal practice, he came to the Bombay Municipal Corporation in 1922. He was a member of the Law Revenue and General Purposes Committee and also of the Standing Committee for some years. He put up severe opposition to the raising of tram fares in 1923, and moved the High Court which granted injunction restraining the Corporation from discussing the matter further. It was during this fight that Narirnan's zeal to espouse the cause of common man and stand by the people shone at its brightest. He visited slums and markets and tried to find out ways and means for overcoming problems. He strove to remove mass illiteracy and root out its evils. He also associated himself with Youth Movement, Labour Welfare Organization, Rent Control and Unemployment relief. The Harvey-Nariman case made Nariman an All India figure. He was given the title of “Veer Nariman” by Sarojini Naidu, publicly. He figured prominently in prohibition and cloth-picketing campaigns. Nariman was the President of BPCC during 1930-35 and was also a member of the Working Committee of the Congress in 1934. He died on 4th October 1949

One of the most vocal opponents to the Back Bay Reclamation Scheme.