Kamgar Hitwardhak Sabha

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Kamgar Hitwardhak Sabha or the 'Workers Welfare Society 'was formed in the year 1910 by N. A. Talcherkar, S K Bole, B R Nare, S W Patil and others. The constituted the mill workers as well as other employees and representatives from general public and occupations like law and medicine. It supported the reduction of working hours to 12 per day and urged the claims of workers for industrial compensation and education.

The objectives of the Sabha were:- (I) to give relief to workmen in indigent circumstances; (2) to promote education among them by means of night classes and instructive lectures; (3) to wean all workers from harmful customs; (4) to find them help in times of stress; (5) to settle amicably disputes between employers and employed; (6) to render work-people medical and legal help when necessary; and (7) to make all efforts to ameliorate the condition of the working classes generally.