Independent Labour Party

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Independent Labour Party was launched in the year 1936 by BR Ambedkar in context of the first Provincial elections to be held in the year 1937 as was proposed under the Government of India Act, 1935. A party document laid the party to be an organization "to advance the welfare of the labouring classes" while "continuing the caste struggle along with the class struggle, defining two kinds of enemies of the Indian workers, one being Brahminism, and other being Capitalism".

In the 1937 election ILP got the position of the second party among the oppositions securing 11 seats among 15 reserved seats and 3 general seats. After the elections, the party became involved in the mass struggles of workers and peasants. Its major activity was related to the peasants' issues for the abolition of the khoti system. In this regard, Ambedkar had introduced a bill for the abolition of khoti system of land tenure in Konkan to the Bombay Legislative Assembly in 1937. He aimed at abolishing the khoti tenure with a view to securing occupancy rights to the tenants by this bill.