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In 1862, the Bombay Gas Company was formed to provide (gas light)street lighting and supply gas to households and its plant was set up at Parel in 1866 which illuminated a section of the Town. The fine black dust from the plant was an irritant to the residents around. The plant was shut by BMC in the year 1981.

The company had laid a pipeline network of 400 kms(main pipe of wrought iron-24 inches diameter and narrow one to 4 inches) to distribute coal gas. The coal used, came from Australia and England and for years Indian coal was also used. After starting operations in 1862 as a British government-owned company, the ownership changed hands in 1947 when businessman K.D. Jalan, who was a part of Soorajmull Nagarmull Co. that managed businesses including jute, tea and engineering, bought out Bombay Gas and The Calcutta Gas Co.

Starting with 2012 the pipeline network is being used for laying the Optical Fibre Cables. The Jalan family continued active operations of Bombay Gas till 1981.