Bombay City Limits Extension

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Before 1950 the geographical limits of Bombay city and administrative limits of Bombay Municipal Corporation were uptill Mahim and Sion. In the year 1945 a Bombay City and Suburbs Post-War Development Committee was appointed that submitted its report in the year 1946 and one of the many recommendations was to extend the city limits upto Majas (Jogeshwari) on the western side and uptill Mankhurd in the east. Finally, on 15th April 1950 the city limits were extended although there was an opposition to the same as the hitherto existing Municipalities, Village Panchayats, Municipal Boroughs and Notified Area Committees were dismissed and superseded by BMC. The limits extension was opposed by the local residents and a dissent note to the Committee was submitted by C D Barfival who was President of the Local Board Authority. Post the World War 2 a committee was appointed to look into the demand of greater Bombay that would include the sub urbs under the limits of the Bombay city as it was felt that the saturation point had be reached and there could be no more development within the city areas.

File:1946 Barfivala Dissent Note to Limits Extension.pdf