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Prabhakar Narayan Padhye, known as Bhau Padhye, was born in Dadar in 1926. After graduating in economics from the University of Bombay in 1948, he worked in a trade union(1949-51), then as a high school teacher for three years. And later, as a clerk for four years in Spring Mill (Wadala) and four months at the LIC. In 1956 he married Shoshanna Mazgaonkar, a Bene-Israeli and a trade union worker. He became a journalist, editor and columnist for various Marathi magazines based in Mumbai, and wrote nearly a dozen novels, including, notably: Vaitagwadi(1965), which won a Maharashtra State prize, Karanta, Aggressor, Wanwa, Barrister Aniruddha Dhopeshwarkar(1967), which won a literary award, and the controversial Vasunaka. In addition, he produced five short story collections, including Murgi and Thalipeet, a play, and collected journalism, including political pieces in Pichkari(1979), and Guru Dutt(1990).

Padhye’s first novel, Dombaryacha Khel(1960), was based on the strike by thousands of mill workers in central Bombay organized by the socialist trade unions.

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