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Bhasme Report refers to the report of the One member commission appointed under Bombay High Court Judge S B Bhasme to look into what are known as BBD Chawl-Worli riots that happened as clashes between members of Dalit Panthers and Shiv Sena in the year 1974. The report was submitted to the government in the year 1976 and was titled The Report of Commission of Inquiry on the Worli and Naigaum BDD Chawl Disturbances. The Report mainly blamed the Dalit Panthers and the Communists for the disturbances and exonerated the police from the charges of using excessive force and being partial in handling the situation.

The Dalit Panthers under Raja Dhale had declared non-cooperation with the 'Enquiry Commission on Worli Riots' and casted doubts upon its genuineness and impartiality.