Avantikabai Gokhale

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An active member of the Salt satyagraha squads that were active in Bombay during the Salt Satyagraha movement in 1930. She organised many public salt making events in the city violating the restrictions that were in place on salt making under the Salt Act. The salt made by them was branded as 'salt of freedom'.

She was part of the women activists who had raised the Indian flag against the Police orders on public hosting of the flag on 26th October 1930 at Azad Maidain, for which she was jailed for one year. She along with many other women activists were instrumental in forming the Desh Sewika Sangh which was very much involved in liquor picketing exercises, the Sangh was declared illegal by the Government.

She also worked at the Municipal Corporation and was involved in activities related to improving slum conditions. Presently a road is named after her near Opera House, Girgaon.