7/12 Extract

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or 'Saath Baara Utara' is an extract from the Land Register maintained by the revenue department which gives information about a piece of land or a plot and contains important details such as the survey number, area, date from which the current owner's name was registered etc.

The 7/ 12 extract is named after the two forms, Form 7 and Form 12; that are used to collect the information for the extract prescribed in the “Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers Rules, 1971. Form 7 contains information about the details of the land owners and their rights while Form 12 lists specifics about the land type and usage.The 7/12 document or ‘Record of Land Rights’ is used for looking up the ownership of ancestral land in a village. This also helps in checking for any past disputes or any litigation orders passed affecting the land. It has a record of all the activities that were carried out on the land.

7/12 Extract is different from a Property Card which contains CTS Number and concerns urban lands while 7/12 Extract deals only with the agricultural lands.